Zihipp has an exciting range of satiety hormone analogues in development as novel obesity and diabetes treatments.  These include oxyntomodulin, GLP-1, GIP and PYY analogues that have been optimised for maximum potency and extended half-lives.  Combination treatments administered as single injections are also being developed. They are suitable for oral daily, subcutaneous weekly injection, or administration by continuous subcutaneous infusion.

Successful Phase 1 human clinical trials have been completed for several of these analogues in which the compounds demonstrated excellent efficacy for treatment of metabolic disorders, including significant weight loss and improved carbohydrate tolerance, as well as a reduction in NASH in pre-clinical testing.  All compounds demonstrated acceptable side-effect profiles.

Combination treatments have the potential for even greater efficacy than current best-in-class equivalents. They allow dosing adjustment to achieve an optimal balance of weight loss and carbohydrate tolerance improvement and have the potential for impressive weight loss in non-diabetics.

Further clinical trials are scheduled to commence in 2020.

Zihipp has access to additional discovery programmes under its exclusive option agreement with Imperial College.